Banking Industries
The creation of new banking distribution channels, the sector concentration and the regulatory changes required by the IAS and McDonough reforms reinforce the need for rapid evolution in IT systems.
It is therefore a strategically important sector for Orniz Technologies, especially, as being instrumental in the current wave of globalisation and development of new methods of information exchange; it is an area which is at the heart of technological and functional innovation.

Extensive Expertise:

Orniz Technologies has structured its expertise so that it can form global partnerships demonstrating its capability and commitment to handling major re-engineering projects affecting organisations and their banking systems.
This expertise rests at the heart of a large spectrum of offerings dedicated to the banking and finance sectors:

Consultancy on organisational structures or developing strategies and ways to apply them,
Providing application solutions, which have become benchmarks in the sector through their broad distribution and the future-proof guarantee they offer,
Development and distribution of technical applications (EAI) to integrate and optimise the use of large banking IT systems,
Systems integration services to ensure that a commitment to quality is provided during the management of IT implementation projects.

This expertise also takes the form of products tailored to specific activities in operational areas of banking:

Loans : over the whole credit lifecycle, from sale to debt recovery and litigation
Regulation compliance :statutory or financial reporting and risk control
Keeping accounts and total invoicing management
Multichannel distribution
Card management systems
payment methods
Customer relations
Capital markets

Involved well upstream in all reforms affecting the banking environment, Orniz Technologies has developed extensive expertise in this professional field. This specialist expertise combined with methodological expertise developed via projects to upgrade its own solutions and the projects of its major customers is available to all its customers.
The dual capability of integrator and solutions publisher allows Orniz Technologies to promote itself as a genuine partner for the banking sector, capable of handling the challenges facing this industry.