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                                  An electronic health record is a collection of patient health information generated by one or more meetings in any care delivery setting. An EHR typically includes patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. It’s said to streamline clinicians’ workflow, and it has the ability to generate a complete record of a clinical patient encounter.

EHRs focus on the total health of the patient. They go beyond standard clinical data collected in the provider’s office and include a broader view of the patient’s care. EHRs are designed to reach beyond the health organization that originally collected the data and are built to share information with other providers. EHRs’ most notable benefit include a secure sharing of data, which, in turn, results in more open communication and more involvement on the patient’s part.

Solutions that are embraced by your clinical staff and help ensure high levels of adoption and pervasive use
Tools including content to ensure that your care providers are making well-informed, fact-based decisions, thereby reducing variability of care A complete, single-source solution to help reduce medication errors in every step of the process Timely and shared communication across all members of the care team to reduce the likelihood of miscommunication that could compromise patient safety Objective criteria based on scientific knowledge and real world clinical experience to assess and deliver quality care and appropriate clinical resource utilization A full spectrum of management reporting capabilities, caregiver compliance tools and advanced clinical analytics to simplify data collection and reporting while facilitating sustainable care process changes Solutions for patients and their families that will positively affect their interactions with your organization and provide the consistent, high-quality experience consumers want


You can create a comprehensive inpatient electronic health record (EHR) with solutions for:

No matter the size, location or specialty of your physician practice, Orniz Technologies offers comprehensive practice management, Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) solutions that keep your referring physicians connected with your inpatient care teams. Our EHR solutions automate the clinical functions of a physician practice, including:

  • Prescription management
  • Diagnostic order entry
  • Results reporting
  • Encounter documentation
  • Clinical workflow management
  • Independent Physician Practices


Orniz Technologies has a wide range of solutions to support independent physician practices, including:

  • Electronic health record systems
  • Practice management solutions
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Support and outsourcing services
  • Medical billing
  • Medical-surgical supplies

Our comprehensive portfolio is designed to help physicians meet the needs of running a modern practice.
Integrated Practice Management and EHR Systems

Orniz Technologies offers a wide variety of practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems that are easy-to-use and rapidly deployable.