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SaaS & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an emerging trend for the delivery of software and hardware as services via the Internet. Orniz Technologies offers customers many choices to run business software in both private and public clouds. Orniz Technologies’s cloud offerings include a rich portfolio of On Demand applications providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as hosted and managed alternatives to on-premise deployment.

Enterprise customers are aggressively evaluating options to use SaaS and Cloud offerings to run their business. Orniz Technologies’s Open World is the best venue to engage with enterprise CIOs and other key enterprise IT decision makers as they determine their IT strategy.



Cloud Hosting
Cloud is undoubtedly the most exciting development of the past decade. The new computing paradigm is credited for giving rise to popular business models like Service as a Software (SaaS), Platform as a Software (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). At Orniz Technologies we have embraced this new paradigm which spells scalable and sustainable economies of scale.
Orniz Technologies fundamentally offers cloud based development and deployment services in Windows Azure Platform. We operate an elaborate network of servers connected together forming a virtually infinite infrastructure for hosting applications. So now your applications do not need to be in the same data centre like before. Additionally, you can hire cloud hosting with Orniz Technologies for your server-hosting sites and enjoy optimized performance.
At Orniz Technologies we use the Azure platform to develop massive applications and host them on Microsoft’s data centres. These solutions feature some pretty exclusive functionalities which are available under pay-per-use model. We also ensure that our cloud hosting offers safe data storage and 24x7 support which is again backed by tools and technologies of none other than Microsoft itself. With us, you can hire cloud space for ERP solutions, CRM applications, HRM, solutions, SCM solutions, and SOA-based applications.
Although Microsoft’s Azure has always been a point of focus for Orniz Technologies’s cloud hosting, we are not limited to Azure only. We also use Amazon’s web service stack for Elastic Computing, Elastic Block Storage, CloudWatch, Load Balancing Services, Auto-Scaling Services, Relational DB Services, Simple Storage Service, SimpleDB, Simple Queue Service, Elastic Map, and Virtual Private Cloud.
Now, if you think that cloud hosting is just a fancy way of doing the same old things, we beg to differ. There are more than one business related benefits of cloud hosting that prove our point.
Cloud hosted applications are better able to handle sudden spikes in web traffic without extra bandwidth cost.
Cloud hosted applications enjoy enhanced security, agility, optimized performance, and cost reduction.
Hosting applications in clouds reduces the hardware needs, which in turn lowers the energy demands contributing to environment betterment.
Clouds are best suited for zero-capital-expenditure low-cost-of-ownership kind of solutions.
You can use Orniz Technologies’s cloud hosting service to clone and scale your functionalities at minimum cost and match your business growth. To hire cloud space or get cloud related consultation, Contact Us.