Rich Internet Application Development


                                 Orniz Technologies, a reputed Rich Internet Application Development company, has a deep understanding of business needs of our clients and offer custom Rich Internet Applications (RIA) services that add value to their online businesses. Orniz Technologies delivers applications combining our cross-domain experience, technological expertise and Agile methodology. Our extensive experience of Rich Internet Application Development has given us an impeccable track record and we are eager to add you to the list of our client successes.


Our RIA Services portfolio includes:




  • Rich Internet Web 2.0 Applications.

  • Business applications.
  • e-Commerce portals.

  • RIA testing and consultancy.




RIAs deliver cost effective modern applications with the following benefits:
  • Offers a richer and more engaging experience, beyond the basic HTML, to the user
  • Users can use the application from any computer with the help of internet

  • Automatically upgrades/updates to the newer version

  • Increase customer loyalty and generate high profits

  • More responsive than standard web browsers that must always interact with a remote server
  • Consistent regardless of the operating system



Orniz Technologies offers competitive advantages to customers who order Rich Internet Applications development:

    A large team of RIA developers, designers and Flash animators
    Solid experience in Flex development and RIA applications design
    State-of-the-art RIA solutions building
    Cost-effective development and a team of software professionals
    We enhance customer's projects with latest technologies
    Time and cost reducing outsourcing

Some words about RIAs:

Rich Internet Applications are known as web applications with improved functionality of desktop applications. As a desktop application, RIA interacts with user by client-side engine; but they have richer functionality and more responsive and efficient data performance. Due to such development technologies as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Flash and others, it is possible to create Rich Internet Applications with cross-browser support and multimedia functionality.