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                                   Orniz Technologies help companies create distinctive capabilities and establish their own unique formulae for business success. 
We understand that organizations require efficient management processes to translate business objectives into realities, and thus it is crucial to choose a partner who has both industry experience and technical expertise in the entire spectrum of available technologies.

SAP Practice Highlights:
  • SAP Gold partner & Services partner  
  • Joint Centre of Excellence with SAP 
  • SAP-KPIT Go-To-Market Partnership for Indian market
  • SAP proprietary tools and value enhancers
  • Five SAP Qualified Industry specific SAP ERP template solutions
  • Actively involved in SAP development activities with SAP Labs related to various baseline & industry specific product releases
  • Most evolved on-site, off-site, off-shore implementation model - mitigate risks while delivering guaranteed savings

Some Customer Engagements

  • 15% reduction in operating costs for a leading auto ancillary & tubular components manufacturing company
  • Increased productivity of assets, like people and equipment, for one of the oldest Utility companies in USA
  • Provided support for users in 7 countries, in multiple languages, in different time zones for a leading manufacturer of pumps & pump systems
  • Performance improvement, reduction in TCO & enhancing the overall business experience for a leading component manufacturer
  • SAP CRM mobile service functional support, rollout and production support for an industrial machinery and components company

Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM)

Orniz Technologies provide implementation and support services for following CRMs

    Today’s business world has become more dynamic and competitive, and organizations of all sizes face the challenge of increasing revenue while expanding their market share and finding new avenues to attract, acquire, support, and retain customers. Additionally, organizations must maximize efficiency, minimize overhead costs, and increase shareholder value. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a valuable tool to help with these efforts.

CRM software is a tightly integrated set of applications that span all client-facing operations and that help shorten the sales cycle, improve customer service, and enhance marketing efforts.

CRM solutions are composed of modules for contact management, sales force automation, marketing automation, call center management, help desk automation, and advanced business intelligence. These modules are designed to coordinate and streamline the disparate, repetitive, manual processes that often exist across multiple divisions and business units that lead to errors and inconsistencies in service delivery.

With CRM, companies can enhance the accuracy, timeliness, and success of all customer interactions and their related processes. This includes enabling:

    Marketing teams to gain greater insight into the behaviors and preferences of their target audience, intelligently plan and execute highly targeted and sophisticated campaigns and promotions through multiple channels, and closely monitor and analyze the results.
Sales representatives to efficiently prioritize and manage hundreds of new leads, prospects, and opportunities through enhanced collaboration; quickly close existing sales cycles; and boost the value of each deal through cross-selling and up-selling.
Call center agents to provide a greater customer experience through faster response times and quicker resolution to any customer issues and problems. Customer Relationship Management solutions can also transform these cost centers into profit centers by helping staff to actively participate in up-sell and cross-sell initiatives and other sales and marketing promotions.
Support staff to promptly address customer issues by leveraging a comprehensive knowledge base, coordinating and dispatching field resources when needed, and tracking the progress of every problem from the time a job ticket is opened until it is resolved.
Management to gain complete visibility into all customer-facing processes across multiple departments and accurately assess performance.

Most importantly, CRM empowers teams across multiple departments to collaborate with each other in real-time to unify sales, marketing, and service to provide an unparalleled customer experience.


CRM software solutions enable organizations to consistently deliver the highest level of service and quality throughout the entire customer sales cycle, while simultaneously increasing productivity and reducing the costs associated with sales, marketing, and customer service activities.

Most of today’s CRM software systems provide:

Sales Force Automation
CRM software allows sales professionals to more quickly convert leads into opportunities and to close more deals. By leveraging CRM software, sales reps can manage their accounts, pipelines, and other tasks and activities more effectively. Additionally, CRM software enables sales teams to generate more accurate and timely forecasts and provides the tools needed to measure performance across teams and territories.

Today’s CRM software can even provide comprehensive access to the CRM system through cloud computing and can also be accessed with mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and other tablets.

Marketing Automation
CRM software enables organizations to have  more complete control over their marketing activities and to easily implement lead generation strategies.

With CRM software, marketing teams can track and manage prospect databases, organize and launch marketing campaigns across different channels, and gain greater insight into customer behavior through campaign results and performance analytics. These tools can help marketing teams boost response times and conversion rates while reducing cost-per-lead and increasing the return on marketing investment.

Customer Service, Help Desk, or Contact Center/Call Center Automation
Businesses can use CRM software to drive higher quality customer service and to increase response times for customer issues and inquiries, while offering accurate tracking and reporting capabilities.

CRM software can also help turn your customer service departments into profit centers by providing the tools they need to actively participate in up-sell and cross-sell programs and more.

Reporting and Analysis
CRM software contains business intelligence tools that enable organizations to maximize the value of their customers by providing greater insight into customer behavior to enable informed decision making.

Reports, performance management dashboards, and analytics provide users at all levels with complete visibility into customer-related activities within and across multiple departments.

Effective customer acquisition and retention requires collaboration across multiple customer-facing departments. CRM software provides features that enable sales, marketing, service, and support staff to work together by sharing information, coordinating activities, and eliminating overlapping or redundant functions.