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e Commerce

The greatest challenge in building a successful eCommerce store is ensuring that the conversion rate of the website is high enough to support the cost of online marketing in a competitive marketplace. For many organizations their web site is now an important part of the way they do business. In most situations it can be the first point of contact a new customer has with you. So it is important that your web site clearly and concisely reflects your business, values and products.

Website Development
Selling products directly online is one of the most rewarding, and difficult endeavors to achieve.

There are two essential elements to a good web site, both of which are equally important: First, a good and innovative design ensures that the site is memorable and encourages the viewer to explore beyond the home page, and second, the functionality and programming that underpin this.

Orniz Technologies offers customized web solutions for today's eCommerce needs. Our eCommerce software solution controls all aspects of your business efficiently and effectively. It allows you to have more time to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Orniz Technologies has implemented interactive Web Solutions, for use in worldwide marketing. Our cost effective e-commerce solutions help you promote your products so effectively that your competitors will have a hard time catching up with you.

Shopping Cart Development
eCommerce is one of the basic and premier uses of the internet, with existing businesses or companies leaning heavily towards eCommerce. It is a great medium for generating additional revenue for your business and has the advantage of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and has a global reach.

eCommerce represents the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet and other computer networks. Exchange of inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. happens directly over the internet.

Our Customized eCommerce Shopping Carts are cost effective offering profitability and visibility to customers world over.

Internet Marketing
Just having a shopping cart alone does not help generate sales. You need very specific Internet marketing tools to help you attract and communicate with new prospects and clients on a regular basis to ensure your business grows.

Standard websites just promote products and services and capture leads. They do not allow customers to place orders and do not fulfill a customer service role. eCommerce sites have this additional functionality and this makes them more complex to develop and to manage. If you do not have a sales presence on the web, you severely limit your market reach. The internet can increase the number and types of customers that you can target in any market.

There are many ways to increase the number of visitors and Orniz Technologies can help you implement all of these. Whether you need hosting for a basic website or a busy online retail store, we at Orniz Technologies have developed the perfect hosting package for every need and every budget. No matter which web hosting package you choose, we will ensure that you will have 24 hour support and full maintenance on the web.